The Tibetan gastronomy

The Tibetans, as opposed to what one could believe, appreciate the good meals taken in community.
The traditional Tibetan gastronomy is full of spices and condiments.
Here a small summary of the Tibetan gastronomy.

Tibetans soups, cocktail snacks and accompaniments.




Tibetan Soups, cocktail snacks and accompaniments.

- The « Tsampa » :
Tsampa (roasted barley flour) is the basic food in Tibet.
Most of the time, it has a pellet shape.
Preparation: the barley is roasted and crushed, milk and butter of yak are added
to obtain a paste which is rolled in pellets.
The Tibetans accompany the tsampa with a mix of tea and salted butter, the djia tu.
The Tsampa
* Tsampa
* Momo
- The « Momo » :
These are stuffed raviolis (there are several kinds of stuffings: vegetarian, with beef and/or pig, cheese…).
They are steamed or fried, and eaten with a soya sauce or spicy sauce.
- The « Lhassa Koura » :
Small stuffed and fried wafers.
- The « Tsel » :
Vegetable ragout, Tibetans like it.
- The « Kongpo Tchuri » :
Clear soup containing Tsampa.
- The « Thupka » :
Very popular soup of noodles in Tibet, composed of grass and spices, mixing ragout of fresh meat and pasta.
The thupka
* Thupka
- The « Gouthouk » :
It is the soup which is eaten for the Tibetan New year, and which is composed of meat, radish and pellets of corn flour.
- The « Khabsé » :
Tibetans Fritters.

* Most of the courses are also accompanied with rice, which I don’t have to explain.


As soon as their financial means allows them to, the Tibetans do not hesitate to eat meat, in spite of the generally accepted ideas.
Indeed, the Buddhist religion had to adapt to the marked taste of the Tibetans for the meat of yak, pig, poultry, sheep and beef… The only excluded meats are those of dog, horse and rabbit.
The meat is eaten grilled or roasted and is placed in the center of the table, so that each guest can help him/herself.
They cut out their share themselves by using a knife which they carry to the belt.
One generally accompanies the meat with “momo”. The meat is also eaten in ragout.
For the special occasions, the Tibetans eat the Tibetan,fondue which is composed of pieces of various meats finely cut.
They accompany the fondue with mushrooms, various vegetables and Dafou (Tibetan Tofu), gathered in a spiced soup which can contain up to 20 or 30 spices. This soup is also served at the end of the meal.


- The « Dresil » :
Sweetened rice with butter and dry fruits covered with yoghourt.
- The « Omdre » :
Rice pudding accompanied with fresh cheese of yak or cow, or yoghourt. The most famous of the Tibetan desserts.


- The « Djia tu » :
Salted black tea with yak butter.
- The « Chang » :
Beer containing barley.
- The « Changkhoel » :
Hot Chang mixed with Tsampa and cheese.


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