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For the travellers who plan to go to Tibet :

  • The plane : To legally enter in Tibet, it’s better is to ask a travel agency which will deliver you an authorization to circulate in Tibet.
    Lhasa has an airport but does not cover the international flights (except the flight Kathmandu - Lhasa), thus you will have to make a stopover in one of the towns of China before arriving in Lhasa.
    The towns of Chengdu, Beijing, Xian, Chongqing and Xining are generally the starting points for Lhasa.
  • The train : if you are in China, there is, since 2006, a railway line connecting Lhasa to the big cities of China. The licence to circulate in Tibet is included in the price of this train ticket (for example: starting from Beijing to Lhasa, the price varies between 84 and 232 € for a distance of 4064 km, this price depends on the class you choose).
    Schedules and price of the train tickets in China

    On the other hand, if you are in Europe, the Trans-Siberian connects some big Russian cities like Moscow to Beijing (for a variable price between 400 and 800 €), and from Beijing, you can buy a train ticket as previously explained.
    Price list and schedules of the Trans-Siberian train

Don’t forget to favour the Tibetans shops and inns during your stay.

Official site of the Dalaï Lama :


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