The monarchical period

The monarchical period (VII-IX century)

At the end of the 6th century., the country is a grouping of 17 strongholds.

The king Nam-Ri starts by gathering the Tibetan strongholds under his authority (at the beginning of VII century.).
His son Songtsen Gampo ties relations with China, founds the town of Lhasa and begins the construction of the first building of the Potala palace.
Converted to Buddhism, he opens a direct road towards India.

Potala Palace
* The Potala palace, former winter residence of the Dalaï Lama’s

Around the year 670, the Tibetans push back the Chineses of the Central Asia, then invade Yunnan and Sichuan (which are located at the east of Tibet), and establish stations there.

In 730 a treaty between China and Tibet is concluded, which does not prevent the Tibetans from seizing, in 763, the Chinese capital city of the Tang dynasty, from which they withdraw after having plundered it.

During all the VIII century., the Tibetans increase their empire. Buddhism coming from India is proclaimed official religion.


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