History of Tibet

Origins of Tibet and beginnings of its history

The beginnings of the history of Tibet are known via the Chinese, against which the inhabitants of Tibet frequently run up.

According to the Buddhist legend, the origin of the Tibetan people would be due to the union of a démone and a monkey, this last being regarded as the reincarnation of Avalokhishvara, boddhisattva of the compassion and guard of Tibet.

The legendary history of Tibet begins in 127 av. J-C with the reign of the mythtic first king Nyatri Tsenpo (who’s Indian and originates from Kosala).
The year of its establishment marks the first year of the Tibetan calendar. It is thus in the honor of the first king of Tibet that the Losar, the Tibetan new year, is celebrated.

According to the legend, Nyatri Tsenpo descended from the sky on the crowned Yalashangbo mountain.
Because of strange physical characteristics, like webbed hands and eyelids closing from the bottom, the Tibetan natives viewed him as a god.

The Bön tradition (a similar religion, former to Buddhism), described 18 kings having reigned before Nyatri Tsenpo.


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